If you’re constantly sharing your favorite products with friends, family, neighbors and coworkers, your trendsetting ways are about to pay off. With so many brands vying for our attention (and dollars) it’s important to help others discover which ones are really worth it.

That’s why RepNation recruits passionate and influential people like you to represent the brands you love. We help both leading brands and up-and-comers connect with consumers in innovative ways – rather than rely on print, TV or radio advertising.

The Results

Our Reps gain nontraditional marketing experience to apply to their careers and personal lives. Act as ambassador for a hot brand and you’ll also help influence product development while earning extra income on your own schedule. We’re always eager to recruit new Reps.

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  • ...reached one out of every two college students nationwide...

    • P&G ReadyU
    • P&G ReadyU
    • P&G ReadyU
    • P&G ReadyU

    The core of P&G’s ReadyU marketing plan is an ambassador network that has been making waves on college campuses nationwide. (Now RepNation’s largest and longest-running rep program!)

    At the hands of these energetic campus ambassadors, ReadyU has become a centralized resource to help students navigate their life outside of academics – from dating to finances to the job search. Our ambassadors are devoted to living and sharing ReadyU on campus, helping the brand to go beyond products and come to represent the college lifestyle.

    This past year, our ambassador teams:

    • organized and hosted a series of themed campus events
    • distributed more than one million product samples
    • grew the ReadyU Facebook community significantly
    • reached one out of every two college students nationwide

    In no small way, our ReadyU Ambassadors have been the catalyst in creating deep connections with students – setting P&G’s brands apart from any other on campus.

  • Many ambassadors from the Fishful Thinking campaign have since leveraged their experiences on RepNation to create careers as influential mommy bloggers.

    • Pepperidge Farm
    • Pepperidge Farm
    • Pepperidge Farm

    Pepperidge Farm sought to establish their brand as Mom’s #1 ally in their mission to raise happy, healthy children. We established an exclusive community of 2,000 moms built around advocating positivity in parenting. This was accomplished by driving peer-to-peer engagement through social media and blogging networks. Moms also executed offline activities such as arts & crafts parties, charity drives, and other gatherings of moms and children from around their communities.

    A carefully vetted group of the most influential and passionate moms made up “the Faculty”. They were tasked with engaging their peers and driving conversation and collaboration on the portal. Reps were incentivized for sharing custom branded content, such as an interactive storybook-maker, as well as submitting stories about their efforts to promote positive parenting in their communities.

    • The reps generated over 115,000 total visitors to Pepperidge Farm properties
    • Moms gained over 50,000 direct impressions from offline activities (emails to their network, events at their home or children’s school, and other outreach in the community)

    Many of the ambassadors from the Fishful Thinking campaign have since leveraged their experiences on RepNation in order to create part or full time careers as influential mommy bloggers.

  • Reps from the campaign enjoyed a base stipend and performance-based cash incentives.

    • PlayStation
    • PlayStation
    • PlayStation
    • PlayStation

    RepNation was leveraged to create a campaign to promote the PS Vita, PlayStation's groundbreaking handheld gaming console. The primary goal was to put the device in the hands of college students across the country and walk them through the console's games and features.

    Reps were given the opportunity to have their own PS Vitas for the semester and be on-campus experts and advocates for the product. They created gaming parties, campus and dorm rushes, movie screenings, and other events to let their peers experience the device on their own.

    • Over 52,000 students participated in device-in-hand demos
    • Reps generated more than 2.3 million online social media impressions (Via Facebook, Twitter, and Google +)
    • Over 70,000 students attended campus events

    Reps from the campaign enjoyed a base stipend and performance-based cash incentives.

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